Bahraini gamers targeted by ISIL terrorists

Gamers in Bahrain are being recruited by terrorist group ISIL, otherwise known as Daesh, through video game chat rooms.

The group is also modifying video game content to include ISIL militias as warriors fighting Iraqi soldiers, according to Gulf State Analytics chief executive officer Giorgio Cafiero.

“There is no real evidence confirming that Daesh has recruited any Bahraini citizens to the Syrian or Iraqi battlefields through video games,” Cafiero told Gulf Daily News. “But the group has turned to its sophisticated arsenal of digital propaganda tools to target Bahraini recruits.”

He referred to a 2014 incident where the group released a video game mocking popular video game Grand Theft Auto.

Some video games, on the other hand, allow players to place ISIL militias as enemy combatants. One such game is Russian creation Apache: Air Assault, which features Russian troops attacking IS militias in Syria.

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