Dubai denies video rumour over liquid nitrogen ice cream 'dangers'

Dubai Municipality speaks out to refute social media video claiming ice cream is posing danger to UAE consumers

Dubai Municipality on Tuesday issued a statement to deny a social media video clip claiming liquid nitrogen ice cream is posing a danger to consumers in the emirate.

In response to the online video, the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality clarified that this rumour is not true. 

It said liquid nitrogen is used in many industrial applications such as rapid cooling of ice and in making ice cream, and there is no harm in consuming the food that is manufactured using liquid nitrogen.

It added that the only danger is to the people employed in the manufacture of such ice cream, but they are supposed to undergo appropriate training.

The clarification comes within the "Confirmed News" initiative launched on Dubai Municipality portal, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumours that are spread through the means of social media.

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