How to stay energised at work while fasting

Daily nuisances, whether traffic jams or hectic deadlines, can make work days restless. Add in fasting and dehydration during Ramadan and productivity levels drop to new lows.

But do office hours in the holy month have to be a torment?  While lack of food and water results in loss of creativity and focus during working hours in Ramadan, accommodating particular needs might be all it takes to keep energised.

Deep breathing

Just like breathing is used to calm people down, so it can be used to energise them. When hunger kicks in and you feel yourself nodding off at work, taking deep breaths can get your blood pumping and boost your energy. The deeper we breathe, the more oxygen reaches our body cells, helping them carry out their functions at an optimal level.

Stretch at or away from your desk

A few stretches can go a long way. According to experts, stretching activates energy reserves in the body and gets your blood pumping, instantaneously boosting your energy levels. One stretch that is easy to do is the seated twist: place your right hand on the edge of your left seat arm and twist. Do the same with your left hand on the other side and repeat.



Take a power nap

There’s a reason power naps are called what they are. According to studies, a 10 to 20 minute nap can improve productivity and alertness, and even help you focus better. Make sure, however, not to nap for more than 30 minutes, as the body goes into a deep sleep afterwards, making you more tired when you wake up.

Have a good laugh

Laughter is known to be a stress reliever and mood booster, but it also elevates energy levels. According to research, laughing raises blood pressure and heart rate, inevitably making you feel more energetic.


Listen to some upbeat music

This speaks for itself. Listening to feel-good music puts you in a good mood, but it also increases your energy. How? A. It makes you want to dance. B. It raises alertness and productivity, according to studies.

Try to be social

Having a chat with a co-worker or friend can boost up your energy levels if you feel yourself running out of fuel. It has even been proven by some studies that people who are social are generally more productive at work than those who are not.


Do something that interest you

Find out what time of the day you get the most tired during and plan to do something interesting then. It can be as simple as reading an article that engages you or taking part in a hobby. Staying interested in whatever you are doing is bound to keep you feeling energized (or at least, take your mind off of hunger).

Take walks away from your desk

Walks to the water cooler make all the difference when your energy levels are down. Sitting for long hours undoubtedly makes you sleepy. Stepping away from your computer for a few minutes wakes you back up.

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