How to your boost your brand on Instagram

Instagram continues growing its audience, with 63 million users in the MENA region and 600 million users globally.

Instagram’s Kay Hsu, global lead, Creative Shop, shares her top tips on how she recommends brands to think about creating on Instagram.

Use the entire story telling capabilities of Instagram

Instagrammers are always open for discovery and come to connect around their passions, so reach them through several variations of times and formats.

There are so many different creative levers to pull (location, video, still imagery, live, sharing), tools to play with (boomerang, Hyperlapse, Stories, drawing), and across all of our formats (the feed, organically or the Story tray) that can help you tell your story or drive sales.

By using the canvas to its fullest potential, you can connect more deeply, more creatively and more authentically with all of the audiences you’re looking to connect with.


Instagram users in the MENA region make up 10 percent of the social media platform's community, it has been revealed. The users amount to 63 million out of Instagram's worldwide community of 600 million people. People in the region have embraced Instagram as a platform to share their perspective on diverse cultures, according to Jonathan Labin, Managing Director, MENA and Pakistan at Facebook. Altamash Javed, a photographer in the UAE, is one of those people. Javed shares incredible pictures of iconic landmarks across the country as well as in locations further a field. #instagram #mena #dubai #mydubai #art #photography #photographer #uae #facebook

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Think of ephemerality as a creative tool

For the first time, Instagram introduced ephemerality as a way of storytelling. Brands and creators must be highly thoughtful and strategic about their content, knowing that it will disappear.

We've seen many brands do this effectively via how-tos; tutorials; flash sales; double clicks on the Stories format, and more, where a simple idea takes advantage of its limited shelf life.

In a short period of time, brands must drive emotion and capture tension, while also putting forth an idea that is seared into a person's memory.

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Leverage the intimacy of Stories

Instagram is a very open, authentic and heavily visual platform, and with the addition of Stories, the experience is as intimate as it’s ever been.

The immersive nature of the full screen, along with the voluntary navigation through Stories makes it an opportunity for brands to tell intimate, vulnerable and connective stories.

By using this connective, intimate format, your brand is capitalizing on the opportunity to express itself and tell stories in different ways.

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Don’t forget, big ideas and stories matter

Big budgets and big production aren’t the only driver of big ideas. There are endless creative approaches and tools at your disposal to tell your story – from breathing life into existing assets with some post production, to creating completely bespoke content.

The common thread between the brands that do well is their commitment to big ideas, to telling relevant stories to their target audience and by thoughtfully crafting content that takes advantage of the platform. It's up to you to experiment with the best way to tell your stories.

As long as you are telling your story visually and using all the tools Instagram has to offer, there is a spectrum of ways to find success.

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