NMC Royal Hospital introduces Patient Advisory Board

The advisory board at NMC Royal Hospital will actively participate in the development of the hospital policies, services and systems

NMC Healthcare has introduced a unique concept in patient care called Patient Advisory Board at NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.

NMC said the board was set up solely with the external members of the society who will be able to identify service and expectation gaps at the hospital, and also represent the voice of the community on participative patient care.

The advisory board will actively participate in the development of the hospital policies, services and systems. This will ensure efficient planning of services and care streams which shall meet the evolving needs of a patient

Commenting on the introduction of the Patient Advisory Board, Dr. B. R. Shetty, Founder & CEO, NMC Healthcare said: “We have always been committed to providing high quality compassionate care to our patients. With the introduction of the Patient Advisory Board we are excited to take the journey forward ensuring our patient centric and quality healthcare delivery mechanisms remain contemporary and thematic forever.

He further added: “This advisory board will cover the patient as well as patient’s family needs in a participative, experiential and collaborative manner which will ultimately enhance patient experience. We look forward to be offering a platform focusing on improving outcomes. Through this platform we shall seek information empowering NMC Royal Hospital and shall tirelessly work to make the Patient Advisory Board members an integral part of planning and operations of medical programmes making them the indirect care caregivers.”

The initiative draws inspiration from the Ministry of Happiness as NMC expressed its gratefulness towards the rulers of the country for their initiative towards educating and involving the private sector to meet the goals of the Ministry.

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