No air fare hike on Doha route, says Oman Air

Lower airfares have been sold out due to increased demand, Oman Air said.

Oman Air has clarified that it has not hiked any of its Doha airfares.

The Muscat-based carrier has increased its direct services to Qatar after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain cut off road, sea and air routes with Qatar, due to its support to Iran and terror groups.

In response to customer demand, the carrier introduced bigger aircraft and charter flights on its Doha routes, but insisted it has not increased its fares.

“We would like to inform you that fares have not been increased to or from Doha, unlike what has been circulated in some social media accounts,” said Oman Air said.

“With the increase in demand on the Doha route, lower fares are sold out and only the higher fares are available on many of the flights.

“This is normal practice which is automated and followed by airlines worldwide,” the airline added.

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