Review: Detox facial for worn out businesspeople

Is your mental stress reflected on your look? According to research, the answer is probably yes.

Studies have shown that stress can cause premature lines (especially from frowning), skin sagging (around the cheeks and eyes) and overall skin dullness. But stress is not the only factor affecting your skin.

A busy lifestyle can mean jumping daily rituals such as cleansing and exfoliation that lead to the accumulation of dirt and the clogging of pores. And while you can’t prevent demanding working hours or harmful city dust, you can find ways to care for your skin and keep it looking younger for longer.

One way that works for us is having regular detox facials at Kaya Skin Clinic in Dubai Marina.

Called the Kaya Detox Face Therapy, the hour-long facial reduces the effects of ageing and stress by using nano technology to unclog pores and infuse vitamins into the skin.

Our friendly technician Donna started our facial with stretching and aromatherapy to induce relaxation. She then used warm towels to open the pores and remove makeup or dust followed by a cleansing rinse with vitamins A, B, C and D to get rid of leftover dirt. Following that, she used a matching toner with oil control to reduce excess sebum.


Afterwards, Donna began the three-step peel with the application of glycolic and lactic acid used to remove dead skin and improve skin texture. The second step involved the application of an enzyme powder made from papaya and pineapple to further exfoliate the skin and enrich it. A peel roller was then used to apply a deep scrub to remove remaining debris.

A detox concentrate serum was then applied and massaged onto our skin for hydration before being topped off with a multi-vitamin night cream.

Lastly, a vitamin C capsule and vitamin hydro mask were applied to our skin and left for 15 to allow the nutrients to seep through. Following our facial, we noticed tighter, glowing skin that seemed fresher and younger.

Donna recommends the facial once a month for tired and stressed businesspeople. We recommend it for anyone who wants to maintain healthy skin without the help of cosmetic procedures.

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